Current Projects

SIRP’s current projects have specific, season-long focus and goals.  Other projects are more short-term/temporary in nature.

Front 4 North
  • The Use of Pre-Dawn Water Potential as a Means of Scheduling Irrigation in Drip-Irrigated Cotton – Dr. John Snider (2013) [Front 4 North]
  • Characterization of Crop Growth Indices for a Range of Cotton Cultivars under Contrasting Irrigation Regimes – Dr. John Snider (2013) [Front 4 North]
  • Utility of Subsurface Drip Irrigation for Late Season Yield Enhancements – Dr. Guy Collins (2013) [Front 4 North – Reinke SDI area]
  • Assessment of Fungicide Application Timing in the Management of Target Spot Disease in Cotton – Dr. Bob Kemerait (2013) [Front 4 North – Valley Pivot area]
Front 4 South
  • Improving Irrigation Management For Corn By Comparing Four Irrigation Scheduling Methods – Calvin Perry (SIRP) & Dr. Brenda Ortiz (Auburn) [Front 4 South]
  • Comparison of Chemigated and Ground Applied Fungicides in the Control of Northern Corn Leaf Blight and Southern Corn Rust – Dr. Bob Kemerait (2013) [VRI north]
  • Evaluating Cotton Cultivar Responses to Deficit Irrigation – Dr. John Snider (2013) [VRI South]
  • Quantifying the Effect of Fungicides on Cotton Growth and Productivity under Well-watered and Deficit Irrigation – Dr. John Snider (2013) [VRI South]
  • Evaluating Varietal Response to Fungicides for Control of Target Spot Disease – Dr. Bob Kemerait (2013) [VRI South]
Camilla Lateral North
  • Response of Large and Medium Seed Size Peanut Cultivars to Calcium and Irrigation – Dr. John Beasley (2013) [Camilla lateral north]
Camilla Lateral Middle
  • Quantifying the Value of Pre-bloom Irrigation – Dr. Guy Collins (2013) [Camilla lateral middle]
Camilla Lateral South
  • Quantifying Irrigation Savings Resulting from Heavy Rye Residue – Dr. Guy Collins (2013) [Camilla lateral south]
Newton Lateral North
  • Performance of Four Irrigation Scheduling Methods for Optimal Cotton Production – Calvin Perry, Dr. George Vellidis (2013) [Newton Lateral North]
Newton Lateral Middle
  • Comparison of Corn Nematode Control Methods Using Soil Fumigants, Seed Treatments, and Granular, In-Furrow Applied Nematicides – Kemerait (2013) [Newton lateral middle]
Newton Lateral South
  • Comparison of the UGA Modified Extension Checkbook, UF FARM, and USDA Irrigator Pro Irrigation Scheduling Methods to Rainfed for Peanut Production – Calvin Perry, Dr. Diane Rowland (UF), Dr. Wilson Faircloth (Syngenta) (2013) [Newton Lateral South]
Access SDI Field
  • Effectiveness of Subsurface Drop Irrigation in Peanut Production under Full and Deficit Irrigation Conditions – Calvin Perry, Dr. Scott Tubbs, Amanda Smith (2013) [Access Field SDI]
Pine SDI Field
  • Comparing The Efficiency Of Surface Soil Applied vs. Drip Fertigated vs Foliar Nitrogen And Potassium On Three Cotton Varieties – Calvin Perry, Dr. Glen Harris, Dr. Jared Whitaker, Amanda Smith (2013) [Pine Field SDI]
Drip Field
  • Evaluation of Bt Sweet Corn Technologies for Management of Ear Damaging Caterpillars – Dr. Stormy Sparks (2013) [Middle Drip Field – North]
  • Evaluating Sweet Corn Quality as Affected by Various Irrigation Methods – Dr. Gary L. Hawkins and Calvin Perry (2013) [Drip field north, sweet corn]
  • Evaluation Of Different Liquid And Granular Sidedress Nitrogen Fertilizer Sources For Cotton; Effect Of Nitrogen Application Timing On Cotton Yield; Effect Of Potassium Fertilization Timing: Split Applications Vs. All At Planting On Cotton Yield – Dr. Glen Harris (2013) [Drip Field East Cotton]
  • Comparison Of Lime, Gypsum And Liquid Calcium As Calcium Sources For Peanut – Dr. Glen Harris (2013) [Drip Field East Peanut]